Arlington Public Art Policy

Town of Arlington, MA

Adopted by the Arlington Commission on Arts and Culture on February 6, 2015

This document is intended to outline a policy for the commissioning and decommissioning of works of public art in Arlington and to define the responsibilities of the Artist(s) and Agency (public or private) involved in each project. All public art installations, both temporary and permanent, will be reviewed by Arlington Public Art (APA), Arlington Commission on Arts and Culture (ACAC), the Board of Selectmen (BoS) and in the case of parks and open spaces, the Parks and Recreation Department.  Each public art project will also be brought before neighbors and abutters for discussion by way of open meeting.

Procedures are as follows:

1) Artist or Agency of artwork generates a brief proposal and a budget to present before Arlington Public Art (APA). The proposal must include:
a) Brief description of the project specifying location on private or public property, and connection to the community or environment where it will be installed (Attach design if already prepared). Please be sure to have the owner of the proposed display location sign off on the application that they are aware of your proposal.

b) List Artist(s), organizations, subcontractors or community members involved in the project, contact information and qualifications. (Attach resume or samples of previous work where applicable)

c) Identify neighborhood, Town, or partner organization and contact (i.e. Friends of Spy Pond Park or East Arlington Livable Streets).

d) Timeline for installation and duration of the project (permanent or temporary, if temporary, specify length of installation, or performance dates)

e) Description of the materials, size if applicable, and space specifications (Structural drawings and site plan may be required and attached before final approval and commencement of construction)

f) Proof of durability and maintenance plan

g) Plans for ensuring public safety and liability coverage if applicable (Certification by structural engineer may be required and attached before final approval and commencement of construction)

h) Budget specifying funding sources and amounts for fabrication, installation, maintenance, signage, contingency, and removal if necessary. Any cost overruns are the sole responsibility of the artist.

2) Upon preliminary approval by APA, the artist submits a comprehensive design to APA and the owner of the proposed display location.

3) Artist presents design at a public meeting of community members, neighbors and abutters convened by the APA in order to receive their input and discuss any concerns. Artist makes any necessary adjustments to the proposal or design pursuant to the meeting and resubmits to APA and the owner of the proposed location. Any necessary structural drawings, site plans, and certifications not previously submitted must also be submitted at this time.

4) For art on public property, APA submits proposal to the ACAC, which will put the item on the BOS and/or Parks and Recreation agenda. Artist will likely be required to attend that meeting in order to answer any further questions.  Terms of agreement will be addressed in accordance with attached PUBLIC ART AGREEMENT template.

5) For art on private property, it is recommended that artist and property owner enter into written agreement in accordance with the attached PUBLIC ART AGREEMENT template. The following PUBLIC ART AGREEMENT template will be used to create a written record of the project for the artist and the property owner/Town, and filed by representatives of APA and the ACAC, to be referred to in the event that decommissioning, modification or removal of the project needs to take place.

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