Arlington Poet Laureate

Arlington Poet Laureate Miriam Levine Inaugurates Arlington Poetry Prizes


First, $100; Second, $75; Third, $50.

“It’s time to recognize those writers who may or may not have been published, those that have been stashing poems away in a drawer or notebook, or those who have begun writing again after being blocked,” says Miriam Levine, who will administer but not judge the contest.  “Preparing work for submission is an opportunity to improve it,” she adds.  The deadline is October 30, 2015.

Widely published poet, Alan Feldman, whose latest collection of poems, “Immortality,” is winner of the Four Lakes Prize in Poetry, will judge the contest.  All entries will be judged anonymously.  Feldman welcomes poems in any style.

Levine, an Arlington resident for more that forty years looks forward to reading with the winners at an event open to the public.


Open only to Arlington residents.
Submissions should be postmarked no later than October 30, 2015.
Poems must have been unpublished in print and online in websites and blogs.
Poems must be limited to 35 lines.
There is no limit to the number of poems you may submit.
Submissions should be typed in single space on white paper, at least 12 point font.
The author’s name must not appear anywhere on the manuscript.  The poems will be judged anonymously.
A cover letter should be included with name, contact information, telephone number, e-mail address, street address, and titles of poems.

Prizewinning poet Alan Feldman will judge.  (

Winners will be invited to read at an event open to the public.
Results will be announced in November.
Only poems should be submitted, no photographs or artwork.

Mail poems & letter to: Prizes, c/o John Lane, 26A Academy St., Arlington 02476


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