St. John’s Coffeehouse

Jon Shain WITH Perry Desmond-Davies & Marc Bridge, 9-26-15, St. John’s Coffeehouse

At St. John’s Coffeehouse on Saturday, 9-26-15, Jon Shain, a Haverhill native, continues our exploration of Piedmont (North Carolina) Blues, with a style he has developed and refined over years of living in his adopted hometown of Durham NC and elsewhere in the Piedmont region.  Perry Desmond-Davies  & Marc Bridge will open the show.

Jon’s blues have a  contemporary bounce–an  energetic style.  “I’d done several albums in a row that really sound like my live group: heavy on the harmonica, heavy on the dobro, and with a sound that is identifiably folk-blues,” Shain says. “I knew I wanted to do something different with [Piedmont music].”

Jon grew up in Haverhill, Massachusetts, a Merrimack River mill-town that had already seen better days by the time Jon was a child in the 1970s. His family’s business was a small textile dyeing company, and he worked in the factory during the summers throughout his teens. At the same time, Shain began to discover his love of American roots music and songwriting, specifically drawn to the narratives about regular people and themes of social justice.

Perhaps Perry Desmond-Davies and Marc Bridge were predestined to work together.  Two singer/songwriters, both influenced by the 70’s music of icons such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, James Taylor and Warren Zevon wander into each other at a Boston Area open mic. After a few years of honing their craft, they both release individual CD’s of original music on the same day. “The rest is history”, says Marc Bridge, “I found myself out performing solo and wishing I could have Perry’s vocal backing on my songs, they just felt empty without it”. Says Perry:”It didn’t take long for us to look at each other and say, why don’t we just do this as a duo?”

Now they perform as Bridge & Davies throughout the New England coffee house, restaurant and arts center circuit. Their music pulls from a variety of genres but leans in the direction of Folk, Americana, Blue Grass, Country and Rock. Between them, they play acoustic and electric guitars, piano, banj-uke, mandolin, harmonica, percussion and kazoo, although not usually all at the same time.  They have each received glowing reviews of their individual CD’s, American Dream and Sweet Ride, and have just released their first Bridge&Davies Live CD: a 9-song recording from a recent house concert.

Music selections, purchase and download information for both artists at,, and searchable on 

Corrected ticket and URL information:  Workshop (min enrollment of 8) and advance tickets and other discounts may be found at or call 781-648-4819 or 339-368-5656.  St. John’s is located at 74 Pleasant St. (Rte 60), Arlington 02476.  Concert time is 7:30 pm; doors open at 7:15 pm.  This concert is not wheelchair accessible.  Please remember to bring your good-date donations for Arlington Food Pantry.  The concert benefits both the Arlington Food Pantry and the Housing Corporation of Arlington.  This is a family friendly concert.

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